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Seed Magazeen

Seed Magazeen

Seed Magazeen

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For those who are new to Seed Magazeen we are a magazine for kids who care about the environment! Aimed at 3-8 year olds, each issue features games, puzzles, activities, interviews, a pull-out colouring in poster, and more.

Each issue is printed by in two risograph colours. Risograph printing is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of printing, as it uses soy-based inks, and most of the riso machine parts are recyclable. We also love the DIY / punk zine aesthetic that comes from this process. We like to think it encourages our readers to not be too precious ! Colour in! Tear! Share! Or keep forever.

Set up by Jack Snelling and Lizzie Lomax in August 2019, each issue explores an important theme, through games, puzzles, acitivites and more! 

Each issue is Risograph printed in two colours by Earthbound Press.


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