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ReNew Noir Upcycled Black Bumbag

ReNew Noir Upcycled Black Bumbag

Buckets & Bums

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Introducing the Buckets & Bums ReNew Noir Upcycled Black Bumbag!

Embrace effortless chic with the ReNew Noir black upcycled bumbag – the ultimate accessory that conveniently elevates any outfit! Crafted from repurposed fabric, this bumbag not only oozes style but also carries a heartwarming story as the fabric was a hand-me-down from a relative. We love project off cuts from other crafty family members. Now, it's been given a fresh lease of life, ready to accompany you on your next adventure in style!

Chic Design
This bumbags sleek black exterior exudes sophistication, making it the perfect complement to any look.

Metal Zips and Clips
Durable and stylish, ensuring your essentials stay secure wherever you go.

Ample Storage
With one main compartment, a front zipper pocket, and an inside pocket, it holds all your essentials and then some!

Upcycled Fabric
This ReNew Noir bumbag has a story to tell and simply adds a touch of individuality to your ensemble.

Whether you're hitting the streets or exploring the great outdoors, the ReNew Noir bumbag is your trusty sidekick, offering convenience, style, and a nod to sustainability all in one fabulous package. Grab yours today and let the adventures begin!

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