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Posterzine® - People Of Print

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Featuring in our 77th issue of Posterzine, Lloyd Stratton’s illustrations are so realistic they can make you double-take. The Brighton-based artist is best known for his line drawings and stippling, where an image is made up of tiny dots.

Lloyd often adds a sense of mystique to his subjects, which range from animals to still lifes to botanicals.

Alongside creating his original artwork, Lloyd has illustrated labels for a variety of drinks brands, such as Allsopp’s beer and Teremana Tequila. Grab your copy to find out how Lloyd developed his meticulous technique.

Posterzine® is People of Print's monthly publishing project taking the form of a mini-magazine which folds out into a gorgeous A1 format poster (594x841mm). Printed by Pressision Ltd using (usually) two special spot colours onto high-quality GFSmith Naturalis paper. 

Direction: Marcroy Smith 
Tom Sutcliffe
Kate Hollowood 

Limited edition.


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