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Costal Coloursplash Towelling Beach Buddy Bumbag

Costal Coloursplash Towelling Beach Buddy Bumbag

Buckets & Bums

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Are you ready to dive into beachy vibes and festival fun like never before? This one-of-a-kind bumbag is here to make waves with its coastal charm and laid-back style. Crafted from a discarded beach towel, this colourful bumbag tells a tale of sun-soaked adventures and sandy escapades. Just imagine the stories hidden in its threads – where has this towel traveled? From tropical islands to bustling festivals, it's seen it all!

Planet Friendly Accessories All Buckets & Bums bucket hats & bumbags are made from only secondhand, vintage or repurposed fabric, including this beach buddy bumbag which has been upcyced from a discarded beach towel. Purchasing this bumbag means you’re reducing waste, helping to keep fabric in circulation and supporting sustainability!

Plastic? Not Fantastic Almost all Buckets & Bums bumbags are made with metal zips, clips and hardware. We’re not keen on plastic and believe metal will be more durable which means your bumbag will stand the test of time, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Cheaper for you, kinder for the planet! 

If Mary Poppins did Bumbags Buckets & Bums bumbags feature one large main pouch, a front zipped pocket and an inside pocket for ultimate organisation.

You can carry a heck of a lot in this bumbag; a large purse, big phone, bigger bunch of keys, sun screen, goggles, shells, you get the idea. 

Fit for Every Body The bumbag strap can be extended to approx 63” (160cm). This makes it easy for you to wear no matter your body type.

Over should shoulder, or around your waist, this bumbag can do it all. Upcycled costal colour splash towelling bumbag Dimensions 23cm x 20xm x 8cm.

Cotton towelling outer & cotton lining  Crafted with durable metal zips and clips Hand washing advised Colour splash design adds a pop of fun to any outfit

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