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Grumpy Cats

Grumpy Cats

Lili Toth Studio

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CeraIntroducing the Grumpy Cat Collection! 4 Designs of very grumpy cat friends to cheer you up if you are a cat lover, or simply if you are just having a grumpy day.

The idea of the ‘Grumpy Cats’ is came to me on a dark and rainy day, when I finally accepted that being grumpy sometimes is totally ok and normal.

The cat design improved through the years and been finalised when I adopted my sweet and silly kitten Paddington, who can be really grumpy sometimes!

Handmade ceramic Grumpy Cat hanging decoration. Made of durable, waterproof stoneware clay and glazed with semi glossy glaze. Each piece is cut, shaped and painted by hand.

Please note, the back of the decoration is not painted or glazed. The string is gold twine, I sealed the end with soy wax so it doesn’t fluff up.

 Dimensions: approx. 6.5cm x 6.5cm

All work is made in my lovely shared studio in Brighton, UK. My aim is to deliver a high quality, unique handmade product to my customers that will last for decades if handled carefully.

 Please note, due to the nature of handmade products, each cat will be slightly different from the photo.

 How to keep your ceramics safe and clean:

Make sure they are safely packed up once you take them down after Christmas. If they get dirty, you can clean them with warm soapy water and sponge/brush, they are waterproof and will dry quickly. Make sure the string doesn’t get wet.

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