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Lazy Disco

Smiley Boi Barrette

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Designed and handmade using high quality polymer clay. Each individual piece is shaped by me, before being baked, sanded, buffed and drilled. The smileys are then hand-drawn by me, making each one completely unique, before each piece is varnished and finally assembled together. The next step in their journey is to be shown off on you!

I put all of the love and care into my creations, and everything is done to the highest standard possible. However, due to the handmade nature of Lazy Disco accessories, the pair you receive may have some very slight variations to the image or minor imperfections - but please note, these will ONLY ever be aesthetic and will never affect the functionality of the piece.


Each barrette measures approx 6.5cm in length
Silver-plated barrette