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Savannah - Planted Yoga Rugs x Yael Ravenna

Savannah - Planted Yoga Rugs x Yael Ravenna

Planted Yoga Rugs

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Tigers have been around for around 2 million years. Long before yoga. Long before humans. And these big cats influence a lot of the yoga poses due to their power, their grace, their poise. The mat's surface is adorned with subtle engraved textures resembling the cracked earth of the savannah. These tactile elements not only provide a secure grip during your poses but also offer a grounding sensation as if you are directly connected to the natural world.
Designed lovingly in the UK by Yael Ravenna
A playful illustration laser engraved into the mat


4mm thickness

Made from a sustainable rubber base, bonded with a grippy PU layer

Strap Included

Free next day delivery included when ordered before 12pm

About the artist
Meet Yael, a graphic designer based in Brighton. For the past two years, she has led the design project, breathing life into her clients' creative visions. Yael's passion lies in collaborating with small businesses who make a tangible positive impact on their communities and bring great products and services to life. Beaboveit is inspired by elements from nature, human and abstract shapes with a twist of dreamy and mystical essence.

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