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Carny Valley

Pink Freud Mk1 Double Tier Rain Cape

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Hooded pink double tier dreams! Right here...

Unisex, short rain cape in traditional waxed cotton - waxy feel gives a higher water resistance.

All capes come with a NiteIze S-Biner for stowing your cape when you take it off to dance, run, walk or play. It's our Carny Valley hands-free system.

Why don't you see sizes? Their capes are cleverly designed with soft shoulder tailoring to allow a one size fit, and has been happily worn by customers from size 8 - size 24 (UK women's sizes).

We are stocking a limited release from Carn Valley so go check out the rest!

Outer: Traditional Waxed Cotton

Lining: Material ~ British Millerain Cotton

       Colour ~  Cream 

Let's talk about how to make your cape stay the distance.

Here are the key tips:
1. Do you have one of our washable rain capes?
No? Don't put it in the washing machine. Sponge clean or cold tap only.
Yes? Wash only at 30 degrees on a short cycle with non-bio.
2. Dry away from direct heat and don't pack away wet.
3. Reproof when needed. This depends upon amount of wear - yearly is good practice. Use tinned re-proofing wax for standard waxed cotton rain capes.
Use Nikwax silicone based re-proofing spray for dry wax rain capes.

Why waxed cotton?

The waxed cotton they have chosen is not designed to stay pristine. It is also a sustainable option. Waxed material has been around for centuries as a reliable fabric that can be re-treated and worn again and again for years. Modern fabrics might be lighter, machine washable and look more uniform than standard waxed cotton, but these are difficult to maintain and once they've lost their 'waterproof-ness', they're destined for the bin.

Carn Valley DO NOT want to contribute to plastics in landfill.

Carny Valley waxed cotton capes are meant to be lived in, to travel with you and to tell the story. They will age beautifully and develop a patina. 

Washable waxed cotton!

They also sell capes made from British Millerain 'Dry Wax', a washable waxed cotton fabric with a dry feel. This fabric is REVOLUTIONARY! Waxed cotton has never been machine washable - this fabric makes pastel colour rain capes possible and has the added bonus of being super lightweight. The wax preparation is a closely guarded secret, but re-waxing preps are silicone based and vegan.