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Arthouse Organic Triple Milled Soaps 100g

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This 100g paraben free organic soap is triple milled for a longer lasting luxurious lather. Made in the UK using essential and high quality fragranced oils, this soap is produced with carefully sourced ingredients that are both sustainable and kind to the environment. Vegan friendly, plant based ingredients.

This soap features artwork by a collaborative or ARTHOUSE Unlimited artists. Discover more about the artists

Box Soaps

CACTUSA luxurious and rich fragrance with Tahitian vanilla and revitalising chilli pepper evoking warm and spicy notes. This soap is presented in a stunning gold embellished, recyclable box.

RAINBOW SHARK - A subtle fragrance offers heady sweet notes of cocoa and rich spicy undertones to lift your spirits. 

DOGS - Fragranced with a fresh calming aroma with delicate sharp notes to revitalise your soul.

BLOOMING MARVELLOUS - Perfectly complimented by the delicately scented fragrance  of Jasmine and Orange contained within. The sweet and floral notes is an aroma that leaves you with a sense of sweet joy.

THE WAVE - A collaborative majestic ocean scene enwraps this uplifting Stargazer Lily & Hibiscus fragrance is a freeing scent of freshness, with warm undertones leaves you sparkling like the nights sky. 

LAURAS FLORALScented with wild fig and grape the fragrance is a sweet, rich aromatic scent of luxury with comforting creamy milky undertones of the fragrant fig.

BEE FREE - Contains a beautiful organic soap with aromas of fresh meadows and blossom to put a spring in your step.

GORILLA - A smooth, opulent scent gently fragranced with spice and rich, musky undertones.