Think we need a PLAN B!

Think we need a PLAN B!

As promised we are trying to keep you all updated with what's going on with our beloved Neighbourhood Store. Just to warn you it is again a lot of second guessing, stress and heartache. But here goes…
So, the building has sold. The sign went up over 10 days ago. We are still not really any wiser on what the options are for us.  Of course there is probably lots of legal stuff that needs to happen but still we are waiting. Though we did get a little 'kind of' update and that has pushed a need for a plan B. We will keep the reasons confidential for now just as we don't want to upset any parties involved.  Let's just say, it is seemingly exactly what we expected.
Basically, our lease expires on 4th October 2023. This is the real concern. We know we said this in our last update but to be in LIMBO for the busiest time of the year for all of us, that being our beloved artists, the store and our livelihood, is by far the most stressful, loosing sleep kind of real life SHIT! 
We cannot stress enough this isn't just about us. There are over 120 independent businesses under this roof, all of which we feel extremely protective of, all of which rely on the festive season so incredibly.
We have been coming up with ideas as have our 'legend community'. We are most certainly exploring new spaces etc. But it's proving difficult in our lovely town. There's plenty of empty spaces, but they either have building reg issues, aren't open to pop ups or just not suitable.
We have a site in mind, one which would mean we could take NS to the next level - the venue, the coffee, the community hub we soooooo long for.
But of course 'said' building has some extra complication to it.
ARGH!  The problem is it's just near impossible to try to plan when we don't have the full picture, of anything. Time really  is of the essence NOW so we have no choice but to take control, as best we can.
We also need to be honest with ourselves on how on earth we will fund a move in such a small window, we certainly don't have a big bank balance so we need to get creative with that as well. Loads of people have suggested a Crowdfund/ people have offered to help paint/ move stuff, so bloody kind, so bloody supportive all of you.  We find it really hard to ask for help, but this potentially is the start of NS being a real community project. 
Then there's the time, to get a new lease turned round, a building ready for trading in what will be less than 3 months is going to be one hell of a challenge.
But hey, we are up for it. With our amazing community behind us, we can do it right?

Anyway, anyway, ramble ramble....

On Monday we are locking ourselves away with no distractions to drag out all the ideas, as crazy as they may sound, getting them all out on paper. Our home will have A1 sheets of paper all over the walls where we will pull apart everything with a view to have a solid plan B, C and hopefully D.
From reading this you'll get the back n' forth emotions. Feeling like we can do this to we can't. But the can is much stronger. So, watch this space.
Anyway, again not so much to tell you other than after Monday we will certainly have some solid, if not WILD ideas to at least get us through Oct-Dec.
We are not planning on closing down though, the main point here, the one we want you all to know.
Any ideas really welcome.
Wild as you like.
Big love 
Em & Gary xx
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Hi guys,

Long time supporter, first time commenter.

Would one of the houseboats work as a possible interim option? I went on Hamish’s boat during the Adur Art trail and it had a great set up for displaying all the artist’s work. Maybe that could see you through the winter?

Nathalie Croxon

Hey guys
Might be a bit far out but have you seen Emmaus by the sea is closing down in Southwick??? I know it’s not ideal but just a thought

tracy ashcroft

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