Still no update, but....

Still no update, but....

Hello wonderful artists, friends, family, customers, followers aka wonderful supporters!

We wanted to pop a message out following soooooo many kind messages via social media and in-store over the weekend (THANK YOU!) However, sadly we still don't have an update yet on the future of our beloved NS.

We have everything crossed and hope to understand more before 30th September. As soon as we know we will share, we PROMISE!  We are keeping everything crossed for us and all our amazing artists housed under this roof.

In the meantime people have been asking what they can do to help?  There may come a point when we will REALLY need you more but for now what would really help is if you could help us raise our business profile some more.

Here are some ideas that we would make us want to 'AIR/ IRL HUG YOU (if you like that is) for doing...

1) Google Review - Here!

2) Trip Advisor (You'd be surprised at the power this still has for us indie store on the high street).  Here!

3) Share our Socials to help us increase our audience - Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok & threads

It would only take you a few minutes and it would really help us all in these uncertain times.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, always.

Em & Gary xxx

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