Open For Submissions (Winter 2023)

Open For Submissions (Winter 2023)

Here we go then, and yes it could well be the last open call in the original NS building!

Please take the time to look through our existing artist team.  NS is all about bright, bold colours.  We certainly have a aesthetic, created by the want of our dreamy customers.

It is so important to do your research into a shop you want to stock in.  We get over 200 submissions each time and the Xmas run is always the most wanted.  

Sadly, what doesn't work in here is anything earthy, neutral or watercolours etc.

First up, be sure to read through our T&C's - to be sure you are able to work with us.  It really needs to work for you, that is extremely important to us.

So, if you think your creations could fit, you just need to apply here 'Work With Us' 

Please include links to your socials and existing platforms.

We will get back to you shortly.

BIG love

Em, Gary aka Saturday Boy & our artist panel xx



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