One Bum Cinema Club & Leanne Rule have landed!

One Bum Cinema Club & Leanne Rule have landed!

How are we going to fit an actual shed in the store?  The words that are spoken every January.  Of course we will fit it in, I mean it is pretty snug in here but it can be winter mode right? Proper snug in here.

This year we have a really special load of animators, curated by the lovely Leanne Rule who of course features on the small screen lots.

Its here until the beginning of Feb so be sure to swing by.  Grab a coffee and get comfortable in the One Bum Cinema of DREAMS!

Also, check out our first Artist window takeover of 2023, by Leanne.  Those faces will be sure to bring a smile to your faces.

Neighbourhood Nights starts up again on Thursday 12th January, kinda the official launch evening of One Bum Cinema Club. It's a FREE evening, you just need to book a ticket. (Only a few seats left so be quick!)

Come and cosy up in store for the annual return of One Bum Cinema Club and meet one of the SUPER COOL and lovely animators, Leanne Rule. 


Meet the lovely Paulie, one of the co-founders of One Bum Cinema Club and hear all about how the project started and the fun things they are going to get up to in 2023! 

Here's a piece from Leanne who will be talking too.

'During my time working in the industry, I found that so often animation can feel a bit like a boys club, especially when it comes to technical computer stuff, which is a huge shame and also incorrect because there are so many amazing woman artist out there making fantastic work! so for this show I really wanted to showcase some of my favourites, and also showcase people who work in 3D. I wanted to celebrate the amazing work that these people do and show off their fantastic creations.’ 

Leanne is a 3D Illustrator and Animator from Brighton, UK. Her work is bright and silly, with strange and joyful characters and immersive worlds. Leanne tries not to take things too seriously in life and hopes that reflects into her art. She's massively inspired by her love of the 60s and 70s, and pop culture. Leanne loves the sea, the pub and Elton John. Leanne is currently represented by Jelly London

Selected clients: Love Island, ITV, Nike, Taco Bell, Klarna, The New Yorker, Giphy, Buzzfeed, EQRX, Oscar Mayer, Camden Town Brewery, Band Camp, Libresse & .Feeld

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