NS Artist Window Takeover - 2024 Rota Confirmed

NS Artist Window Takeover - 2024 Rota Confirmed

First up a BIG MASSSSSSSSIVE thank you to everyone that sent over a window takeover submission. Blown away so we were!
However, as we are starting these up again in June there were only 6 spaces for the year.  We have held back on December as we have CRAZY live plans for that.
Sooooo, wanna meet the artists that will be taking over all x 3 of these dreamy windows from this month till the end of the year?


First up is Chloe Batchelor .
Chloe is actually doing a permanent instalation/ door takeover.  We have commissioned her to create a fun welcoming to the new store. It seemed right given Chloe was our first EVER artist to take over our window across the road nearly 4.5yrs ago.  This will be happening either this month or next!
Chloe is a freelance illustrator and art director based in Brighton, UK. With an interest in all things daft and loud her humorous nature has attracted clients to her lively and optimistic style. Specialising in character design she’s worked for a wide range of clients across different fields including advertising, animation, music and packaging. Her street art murals and pasteups can be seen floating across a few walls too.
Vodafone / Nick. Jnr / Cartoon Network / Disney / Colgate / M&S / LinkedIn / Google / Kraft-Heinz / Barnardo's / The National Lottery / NY Times / Nesquik / Grolsch / Barclays / Stoats / Anorak Magazine / Bison Beer 


Meet Abi Everett, a multidisciplinary artist & designer based in Brighton.


I’ve always been creative and always been drawn to colour and contrast. I worked in hospitality in my early days but not being creative left a hole in me that I never want to feel again. So, I studied design at Shillington College in Manchester, spent three years teaching Graphic Design at a Sixth Form College in Hampshire, then jumped headfirst into running my own creative studio by the sea in Brighton.
My days now are made up of website design, branding design, illustration, walking my dog Oscar, and regular coffee shop visits for a chai latte and a vegan pastry. The best thing about living in Brighton? Seeing the sea every day!
I’m proud to be the whole package and a one-stop shop for brands who are all about the experience – whether that’s a music festival, a yoga class, or having lunch in a pub. I get to flex different creative muscles every day and each week is different, which I love.
My style is a bit different from everyone else too. Like me, it’s playful, expressive, bold, colourful, open, friendly, and a bit in your face (in a good way!)
I also love to travel and am getting very itchy feet to go abroad again soon. Whether it’s a European city or an Asian island, as long as there’s sunshine, a nice view, good food and a bit of culture, I’m more than happy.
As times change, so do I. I’m forever learning more and refining my craft, picking up new skills along the way. I’m always wanting to better the impact I have on the planet. Hopefully I can learn something from you too.


Meet artist duo Steve Chapman & Jo Wood are installing on 26th July for August.
Stevexoh is a self-taught artist known for his distinctive black and white drawings, his colourful paintings, his 3D wooden cut-outs and his unusual conceptual art projects such as the globally viral “(Not a) Lost Cat” project and “Sound of Silence”, the world’s first silent podcast featuring special guests.
Steve finds the World a fascinatingly bizarre place and creates art to give his hyperactive imagination an outlet. His work has been described as “art which captures so well how weird and imperfect the world is.”
He has sold his work across all 7 continents, exhibited alongside the likes of Pablo Picasso and David Shrigley and has exhibitied in a number of solo exhibitions as well as being featured in a number of group shows. Details of all of Steve's previous exhibitions can be found below.
In addition to exhibiting in galleries Steve is often commissioned to paint murals and street art. Steve is at his best when he doesn't quite know what he is doing.
And here's the lovely Jo aka jdwoof...


I am an artist, coach, writer and facilitator, usually in London. I love to learn more about what’s going on beneath the surface; for me, for people I work with, in groups and culturally, ultimately so we have access to more choice.

I hold a degree in Psychology, a masters degree in Gender Studies and I’m an experienced practitioner of Nonviolent Communication; all of which inform my work. I hold a coaching qualification in Coaching for Leadership, Psychodynamic Approaches with The Tavistock Institute. I have recently completed a practitioner programme with Body Informed Leadership, which uses an embodied approach to looking at connection, identity and power.

For the past 7 years I have been involved in running RISE Beyond, a small consultant community which focuses on group dynamics and how we can support clients to have better quality conversations and work better together. I also co-founded PlayScapes, working with power, difference, inclusion and exclusion. Other influences on my work are mindfulness, improvisation and clowning. 


Meet Amy Charlton

Hello everyone. My name is Amy and I am an illustrator and animator based in Brighton. I have created a character who is a vessel for human experience. They appear in nearly all of my work. Let me know if you can think of a good name for them. 
Please look at my website if you want to: www.amycharlton.com



Meet artist Daisy Tortuga

Daisy Tortuga is a multi disciplinary artist working mainly in tufted rugs and ceramic. She combines cathartic meaningful ideas with handmade tangible objects, discussing ideas of female identity, childhood nostalgia and the ready made. There are elements of storytelling in Daisy’s work, her work is a means of processing and understanding the chaos of life and in doing so, healing.


The work has a strong visual language blending humour with the dark absurdity of everyday life and a strong sense of childhood wonder. Graduated from Kingston School of Art BA illustration.

Daisy’s work spans across many disciplines, including large pieces that are made for the gallery, over to delicate tableware made for the home.

Daisy is also in a VERY cool band called Daisy & The Deadheads - the chosen tune on the reel for this blog on Instagram


Meet Chloe Lawson


Hi, I’m Chloé, an artist based in Hampshire, UK. I work mostly with ink and watercolour; each piece I make is handmade and unique.

I’m tapping into the playfulness and magic of life, illuminating the everyday experiences and emotions we all share, infusing them with humour and a sense of lightness. 

My work revolves around wordplay, and the exploration of thoughts and ideas, all while playing with the ordinary to uncover the hidden gems. In a world often overshadowed by darkness, lightheartedness and fun can truly make a difference in people's lives. This art is here to bring more light to the world.

How bloody exciting is that.  If you want to get in touch with any of these wonder artists head to their instagram accounts, linked in their bio's.  You won't regret your decisions to do just that.
As for December 2024's window - we are saving that!  We won't be doing our much loved 'Live Diners' but there are plans in the making to use the window space to do something else which will 100% be mostly LIVE!
Enjoy them all!
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