Store Update - Plan C!

Store Update - Plan C!

Welcome back, thanks for tuning into more store draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama! 

Let's start with the good news, we are ok and despite what you are about to read we have put our positive hats  firmly back on and are fully ready for PLAN C. You can laugh, it's honestly OK. We are nearly ready to.

Ok wonder people, as promised as soon as we knew more, we would let you all know.  We have just sent a slightly longer version to our lovely artist team so they are in the loop, as we always say it isn't just Gary and I, it's us all.

Just to recap from our last update our final day of trading under this lovely roof will be 23rd December 2023.  After that we are packing up with a key handover date of 15th January 2024. You may notice the store being painted back to white too, we kinda need to get started you know.  It looks so weird! SORRY!

Sooooo, remember that dream space we mentioned? All was seemingly going to plan, our lease proposal was well received so those 3 days of rushing around to do it, before our holiday, was certainly worthwhile.  

However, last Friday afternoon it would seem the universe had a completely different plan for us all.  Sadly, another applicant, with more backing came forward and blew our honest, responsible, well thought out offer high into the sky and far, far, far away. 

3 weeks of nervous energy followed by a BOOMING CRASH of that strong defeated feeling and the return of that bloody lump in our throats we decided that there is no more time to waste feeling sad. We have to just focus on the here and now.  So that is what we are doing.

All in all we believe PLAN B didn't happen for a reason. We have no regrets and know we did everything we could to secure it. Responsibly for us all.


Plan C steps up to the stage.  Here is a snapshot of the next few months.

  • While we are here there will be extended opening hours from mid-November.  Including private shopping/ late nights etc
  • We close physical store on 23rd Dec 2023 (Extracurricular activities happening in store all day)
  • *Online will be closed 23rd Dec - 4th Jan 2024
  • *Online re-opens 5th January 2024
  • (fingers crossed) Feb 2024 - Pop Up Opens in Shoreham by Sea – NS PART 2 BEGINS – Store, Canteen, Venue/ bar.


We have rented a storage unit, just down the road and most of our glorious artist will stay with us for the 'in-between bit'. During this time we will be relying on the online store (right here) to keep us going. Offering loyalty discounts for our community, free local delivery,  Saturday click n' collects. No doubt in some random comedy space/ vehicle.  During this time we will also be doing a ton of back of house admin to make the store run even more smoothly ready for re-opening in Feb 2023.


  • Gift Vouchers already purchased/ to be purchased - We have most products online and this website will stay open *see dates above. You can use gift vouchers online. Please don't let the temporary closing of the bricks & mortar store put you off buying them. 
  • Xmas Returns - We will sort out for you. Up until Monday 8th January 2024.  Just get in touch via webchat here or
  • We will ensure more and more is on the website daily
  • Web-chat - we will be available if you need something quick/ or have any questions about products or just want some advice for a gift.  Anything, we will be here.
  • We will keep you updated here/ mailing list (please join it)
  • We will be back as soon as we can!

So, yeah I think we are now honestly ok with all of this and are going to enjoy the last time we have here and hope for a profitable Xmas for our artists and us. Of course we need you more than ever. We are relying on Xmas to carry us all through to re-opening so please think about shopping locally and early  The store will be full CHRISTMAS DREAMS.

If anything changes we will let you know here/ mailing list and on socials so make sure you are following us.

Thank you for you support, belief and kindness. 

Till soon our wonderful community.

BIG love to you all, always

Em & Gary xx

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