Meet Liberty Cheverall

Meet Liberty Cheverall

Liberty Cheverall is a multimedia artist who predominantly makes sculptures, installations and illustrations. Recently she has established a technique of tufting, to create textile based artworks, distinctively relating to everyday negative thoughts. She specifically identifies how these reflections, can become larger issues when built up over time. Using forms such as a house, to signify a sense of safety, yet conflicting this  through its swallowing darkness.

She focuses on how these small issues can create such a significant impact on the general public’s mental health and what it is that influences these emotions. The work uncovers high amount of underlying mental health issues in our society and advertises the impact of darkness and voids people feel when it all ‘gets too much’.

Liberty uses contrasting materials to create meaning, working with soft and comforting acrylic wool to make illustrated rugs. The purpose of the choice of colour, texture and sweet, childlike style of the imagery is initially to deceive audiences at the first glance. Once approached, it’s content becomes recognised, the appeal is slightly distorted by the issues the audience are faced with. Themes such as weight, financial strain, change, self-love and romance are present within the work, as are issues such as high levels of stress, the impact of social media, seasonal depression and feelings of emptiness. The work exposes these struggles to an audience allowing them to view the issues as common everyday problems.

By gathering these individual pieces into a collection of thoughts Elsie’s Playhouse reflects the multiplicity of negative thoughts that are a part of many peoples lives.


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