Hello lovely people!

Just to let you know...

If you desperately needed a ceramic slug or a T-shirt that tells everyone EXACTLY how you are REALLY feeling either in-store or online then you need to act super faaaaaast-ish.

We will be fully closed from 2pm on 30th September - 6th October. That's the store & website & an attempt to stay off socials too.

Gary & I are forcing ourselves to take a 'brain' break and escape everything for a whole week. The wheels are now fully in motion, so please send all the positive vibes into the world. We have nearly every confidence that when we return, we will be able to tell you exactly what the plans are for the rest of this year and going forward onwards and upwards with NS Part II.

It's all going to be good.

Now, no more of 'that particular' shop chat till after holiday.

Biggest thanks and even bigger love!

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