Hello The Mushroom

Hello The Mushroom

We came across the super lovely Sara from Hello the Mushroom, albeit her amazing street art, sat in a bar drinking a beer in Monty's Bar on one of our recces to Brick Lane.  Pasted on the bar in front of us was this:

We fell in love immediately and needed a rainbow laser kitty in our lives so we asked the bartender for the artists name and as soon as we had it we were off!  We contacted Sara to commission our very own rainbow kitty for Shoreham who is due to go up any day now.  Damn the British summer, we have just been waiting for it to be consistent.

 Sadly Sara has left London town now and is happily decorating the streets of Norway with her mind-blowing art.  But, we have stayed in touch and hope to commission her again but until then we are super stoked to be stocking her 'Golden Girls' prints.  We have a limited number so be swift, swift like a rainbow kitty's rainbow laser beams. That means really quick!

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