hello DODO 'Pick n Mix' -Exclusive to Neighbourhood Store

hello DODO 'Pick n Mix' -Exclusive to Neighbourhood Store

What's this you say?  What's a hello DODO Pick n' Mix?

Well lovely people, it's only a little NS in-store exclusive the wonder DODO's are running for our dream customers for the last Xmas we will be here, under this roof. Let's not be sad! Be excited!

Basically, you get to mix and match your DREAM hello DODO sweatshirt.

That's right you choose your sweatshirt colour and design from the massive menus of hello DODO designs. There's even a little catalogue in the hello DODO section in-store and you can have a browse here on-line but remember it's an in-store exclusive so you'll have to pop in.

hello DODO need no introduction but just in case, for some crazy reason they have slipped you by here is a little introduction from the cutest artist couple on the scene.

'Hello, we are hello DODO - AKA Ali and Jam, although most people refer to us as “the DODOs” and we don’t mind that at all.

We established hello DODO in 2011 as a bit of a creative side project to work on together but very quickly it became so much more than that to us. We taught ourselves to screen print from our kitchen and made every mistake in the book, at least twice, until we got it right. 

We originally started out on Etsy with greetings cards and screen-prints but after a few years the idea of people wearing our designs became the ultimate dream.

Now we are a fully fledged two-person apparel and homeware business, creating fun stuff for fun people! We work from a custom built print studio at the end of our garden (and some overspill work to the kitchen table occasionally). We love being a small business! Our biggest challenge so far has been learning to run the business alongside raising our son…in his first 10 months of life he has run 8 market stalls with us!

hello DODO is now in it’s 11th year and the obsession remains very much the same as does the desire to spread smiles. A smile goes a long way! Our biggest hope is that when people pull on one of our sweatshirts, hang one of our prints or iron on one of our patches is that it makes their day just that bit brighter and more fun...and that can make all the difference, don’t you think?'


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