Get Planted At Neighbourhood Store

Get Planted At Neighbourhood Store

You might not know if you haven't been in but we most certainly sell plants!

Emma has always been surrounded by plants, her mum is a natural wonder in the garden and an absolute wizard with houseplants so from a young age she shared the passion.  As soon as we opened the doors of Neighbourhood Store we started selling plants, that's over 5 years ago now.  We always have a wide range of houseplants in-store.  We tend to edge towards the easier to manage plants, just as people often buy them as gifts so we want them to start in their new homes with a fighting chance.  We always stock Devil's Ivy as that is a great starter plant, but we also stock some that require a little more expertise. 

We always take the time to understand how to care for each plant and will offer advise if needed. 

Our plants are priced super fairly to be honest having plants in the store is not a big money maker for us, it's a no brainer as they look so bloody great with all the great colours and products created by our artist team.

But yes, we will always sell plants.

Come seeeeee!

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