Galatea - Get Involved!

Galatea - Get Involved!

Emma Frankland (Shoreham Resident) would love to introduce the show,  GALATEA, which is coming to Shoreham By Sea in May 23. Emma will talk about the production journey & history behind it.  Emma is looking to meet locals who might want to be involved/ help get others involved.

Galatea is the story of a town that has been cursed.

They have forgotten how to love.

And the monster is coming…

Galatea was written around 1584 by John Lyly, William Shakespeare’s best-selling but now long-forgotten contemporary, inspiring Shakespeare’s comedies from As You Like It to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Performed in front of Queen Elizabeth I, over four hundred years ago, this tale of love, joy and the importance of welcoming outsiders is an incredibly resonant story for modern times.
Set in a world where gods walk among the mortals, this unapologetically queer story follows different characters - all lost in the woods. Two young people find love whilst escaping oppression; a shipwrecked migrant searches for his family; goddesses challenge one another; parents fret; an alchemist creates magic and a teenage Cupid sets hearts on fire - causing chaos and near disaster. And all the while, time is running out!
This ambitious, outdoor production is a major collaboration between award-winning queer theatre maker, Emma Frankland; LGBTQIA+ culture catalysts, Marlborough Productions; acclaimed Cornish landscape theatre company, Wildworks; and leading-Lyly scholar, Andy Kesson.
Newly adapted by Emma Frankland and Subira Joy, Galatea will be performed by a large intersectional company in spoken English and British Sign Language. 
Accessible and genre-defying - you’re not going to want to miss this radical revival of early-modern theatre’s best-kept secret.
“To hear these sweet marvels, I would mine eyes were turned also into ears.”
This is a free event, however you do need to book your space. 

Thursday 19 January 2023 @ 1900-2100hrs @ Neighbourhood Store

*Please arrive by for 18.45hrs. 

We only have space for 10 people. You will need to show your booking confirmation on arrival.


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