Artist Window Takeovers Are Back!

Artist Window Takeovers Are Back!

You may have just seen our post on Instagram or stumbled across this.  Either way YEEEEEESSSSSSSS we are very excited to bring back our beloved artist window takeovers.  They have, without a doubt been the one big thing missing in the new space and the community have flagged it lots and lots.

When we moved over the road, we were unsure if we could offer up window space for artist takeovers but now we are settled there is a very clearly an opportunity.  LOOK - Here is what we can use! The whole side windows.


Even though we won't be able to host such big instalations as we did across the road there is most certainly space to get painting on them, or hang artwork exhibition style etc.

So, if you fancy taking over 1 or all 3 of the side windows one month then just send in your submission via work with us and we will get back to you. (Ignore where it says closed for Summer Submissions, that message is in connection with selling in store for Summer - submissions for this closed on 20th May).

We don't need to see a full design at all. We just want to get an rough idea of what you'd like to do. Just remember it still needs to fit in with our aesthetic.

So it's free June - Dec 2024.  We will choose artist work that suits the store and to tie in with seasons etc.  

So, in a nutshell...

  • Your window creation/s will stay up for a whole month.  
  • We will offer you space in-store and on our website to sell your work for 0% commission while you have taken over the window
  • We will do features of you and your work on our website and socials and promote you in-store lots
  • We will cover a tasty breakfast/ brunch or lunch for you and refreshments while you are creating.

We look forward to hearing from you muchly!

BIG love Em xxx

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