Artist Window Takeovers - 2023 **Fully Booked**

Artist Window Takeovers - 2023 **Fully Booked**

Can't quite believe this, but we are already fully booked for 2023 for our 'Artist Window Takeovers'. WILD huh!  We have a massively brilliant and diverse line-up for you.  



The annual return of 'One Bum Cinema Club' and Leanne Rule.

One Bum Cinema Club is maybe the smallest FREE cinema on the planet.  It seats one bum at a time and has a strong focus on animation.

Leanne is a 3D Illustrator and Animator from Brighton, UK. Her work is bright and silly, with strange and joyful characters and immersive worlds. Leanne tries not to take things too seriously in life and she hopes that reflects into her art. Massively inspired by her love of the 60s and 70s, and pop culture. She loves the sea, the pub and Elton John.


Liberty is a multimedia artist based in Brighton, UK. She works primarily with textiles, metal, wood and found objects to create her installations and sculptures. Her artworks predominantly focuses on themes such as; domesticity, home, security and mental health.

She uses raw and unfiltered wool derived from food parcels in lock down, as well as commercial standard acrylic wool to contrast comfort and concept. Her latest works have included tufting, a technique used to make hand illustrated rugs.

Liberty recently exhibited her work at the We, You, Me Exhibition in Brighton, as a result of being one of four selected for the Hannington Lane Development and Artists Open Houses Bursary. The Tate Britain as part of the Tate Collective Open Call: Finding Home, and her work is currently on show at The Open, Turner Contemporary, Margate.


The website began in 2008, originally created by Marcroy Smith, as a directory of illustrators, designers and printers both creatively and commercially, with the purpose of educating and inspiring. People of Print LTD was established in May 2013.

They have a team of art directors, project managers, graphic designers, illustrators and printmakers based in our London office and across the globe.

They provide a print consultation service for those who are looking for print advice along with a fully bespoke screen print service for t-shirts and art prints.

They are a unique creative community who enjoy working with brands, companies and educational institutions to execute fresh and impressive campaigns, create media partnerships and put on events.


Abi has always been creative and always been drawn to colour and contrast.  She studied design at Shillington College in Manchester, spent three years teaching Graphic Design at a Sixth Form College in Hampshire, then jumped headfirst into running her own creative studio by the sea in Brighton. Abi's days now are made up of website design, branding design, illustration, walking her dog Oscar, and regular coffee shop visits for a chai latte and a vegan pastry. The best thing about living in Brighton? Seeing the sea every day!



Info to follow....


Marblehead create hand illustrated and colourful goods. They celebrate queer culture and are a gender free zone! They encourage everyone to be their true and unique selves and embrace eco friendly practices. Marleigh created Marblehead with the hopes of having a streetwear brand that is as inclusive as possible and encourages people to be 100% their authentic selves, even if that does just start with wearing a t-shirt! Since then it has grown to be so much more than clothing and now Marleigh will put their illustrations on anything and everything they can!


Info to follow....


Info to follow....


Matt is an Illustrator, Designer & Artist based in London, who creates bold, expressive and fun illustrations. Inspired by a love of music, movement and everyday life, he finds joy in the simple and often overlooked moments in our day to day lives.

With past experiences ranging from Apparel/Graphics at Stichd/Puma to Illustration & Branding for London Beer Factory, Matt's skills can be found across different mediums and spaces.


Local resident Dominic Burch returns with a larger than life installation.


The grandmaster fluff making dream that is Ava is back after popular demand.  What will the fluffs be doing this year!  You'll have to wait n' see....


Ending the year with a BOOM!

Fanakapan is a self-taught artist with a background in prop design, who started working with spray paint in the early 2000s, 'running around late at night, putting up stencil pieces in Dorset. ' Since then, he has become the 'pioneer of balloon graff', taking his ever-evolving aesthetic around the world.

Submissions for 2024 Open in January 2024.

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