We got Sootmegs aka Lucy!

We got Sootmegs aka Lucy!

Here we go!  Our last run of new artists under this roof!

First up and we are sooooo excited!  It's SOOTMEGS.

Sootmegs aims to make life easier for people. Focusing on under-represented groups, our badges challenge unhelpful assumptions and spread awareness with sensitivity and humour. Every single badge is designed and handmade in their studio in Brighton, just down the road!

Sootmegs was founded by Bryony (right) back in 2010, designed every badge that you know and love by hand and built it into the successful business it is today. After 13 years of Sootmegs, it felt the right time to start on a new creative venture.

So now Lucy (left) became the new owner of Sootmegs at the end of 2022.

Lucy has been working with Sootmegs long term, learning the ins and outs of the business and becoming the perfect fit for stepping up as new owner.

So now Lucy is working with us and is a stockist in our lovely little NS.  It is all extremely exciting and we cannot wait to have a full blown BADGE BUFFET set up so we can stock all the 300 designs.  It will be a big buffet!

To see all the designs best head over to Sootmegs or shop here!







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