Sustainable Fashion @ NS - Meet the team....

Sustainable Fashion @ NS - Meet the team....

We Are Inflatable Amnesty takes your unwanted inflatables and turns nto adorable bags of all shapes and sizes – thereby ensuring the unwanted plastic does not end up in landfill!

Before anyone gets up in arms about the phrase Inflatable Amnesty (it’s happened), we should point out that it’s meant to be tongue in cheek, a play on words, if you will.

Pesky feline sparked the idea
We Are Inflatable Amnesty mastermind, Georgia Lovell, explains how it started,

“People leave their old windbreaks, trampolines, rubber dinghies and all sorts of other beach paraphernalia, outside our workshop all the time!

“After this year’s disastrous attempt at having our own paddling pool in the garden (our cat pierced the sides of it, within two weeks!) it reminded me of an idea I had a couple of years ago, but haven’t had a chance to put into practice.”


Lovell: “Send it our way and we’ll turn it into bags”

Georgia goes on to explain,

We Are Inflatable Amnesty is based on the same idea, that lots of beach-goers would be ending up throwing quite a few broken inflatables and water toys into bins either before the end of their holidays, or on their way home.

“So this year, if you have an inflatable that has a puncture that you can’t repair, or is intended for the bin – send it our way and we will turn it into bags!”

 The great thing with We Are Inflatable Amnesty is that you can also follow the journey of your unwanted item, to beginning its new life as a bag!

Follow the movement Instagram and find Georgia's bags here tooooooo!

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