Meet the Artist - Bazaar Folk

Meet the Artist - Bazaar Folk

Jo is the fabulous artist behind Bazaar Folk, not forgetting her trusty sidekick gorgeous little doggo 'Noodle' who is always with her.

You may know Jo from the Saturday Market on Upper Gardner Street, Brighton. Jo sources the most amazing vintage & pre-loved clothes to ensure Brighton remains the coolest place to be. Jo also keeps Shoreham well dressed and drops off loads of treats nearly every week. She also is a dab hand at making & upcycling clothes. All of which we stock.

Then there's her handmade BIG bags. Screen-printed & vintage fabrics are used to create them. They've become a signature product in store. Jo managed to make a batch just before her holiday so you best swing by and grab one before they go.

So there you go. This is Jo and we absolutely wholeheartedly love her dearly.

'You can't beat Jo Lee'
Regularly heard in NS.

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