Meet The Artist - Emma @ Fruit Salad

Meet The Artist - Emma @ Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is a fun, slow fashion streetwear brand from Bristol, UK creating super cute and colourful fashion pieces, including our REWORK collection created entirely from pre-loved fabrics and clothing. 

Since launching a small collection of organic t-shirts at the end of 2019, followed by our cuddly, limited-edition fleeces and beanies at the beginning of 2020 (what a time to launch!)  we were driven to become even more fashion conscious.

As lockdown kicked in, we found we couldn’t photograph or promote our fleeces and beanies as we’d hoped, so our focus changed and concentrated on using pre-loved clothing and fabrics that we already had to create our new Fruit Salad REWORK range; with an aim to become fully sustainable in the future.

We keep our production and manufacturing local and sustainable by working with Bristol based indie businesses including printers who work on small, slow fashion runs using water-based inks which are safer for the environment. Even our labels are embroidered locally by an indie designer!

The Fruit Salad collection currently consists of organic t-shirts, beanies, unique fleeces and REWORK sweatshirts, shorts, t-shirts, with our newly launched kids organic t-shirts and reusable make up pads (made from fabric remnants from our fleece and sweatshirt ranges - nothing is wasted!). We also take on small accessory collaborations with local and independent makers.

Everything we produce is on small, limited edition fashion runs to reduce waste and avoid over production.

Our style is super-cute and fun, we make streetwear for everybody and try not to design with gender in mind by making clothing that we want to wear!  We definitely have a pastel obsession but when working with sustainable and found materials for the REWORK collection this can limit and move our colourways in many directions, which we think is pretty exciting!

Fruit Salad's founder and designer is Emma Gorton-Ellicott a fashion designer, journalist and a multi-disciplinary creative with her fingers in all the creative pies! Emma is passionate about supporting independent businesses and slow fashion, to bring an end to the destructive fast fashion industry.

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