Meet the Artist - Elementary Scents

Meet the Artist - Elementary Scents

Our fragrances are all natural, so no shouty synthetic aroma chemicals, no parabens and no phthalates.

Natural ingredients are just more beautiful, powerful and pleasurable. Not surprisingly, there’s something more authentic about smelling something natural and real, verses a man-made, uniform chemical concoction produced in a lab.

Our plan from the start has always been to showcase the power and beauty of natural fragrances, but to do it all in our own style, while incorporating a few simple values that are important to us. 

​We've been lucky enough to work with some of our favourite creators and artists, we’ve fixed all the bits about perfumery we didn’t like, and in the process we've created something we absolutely love.

​Thanks to everyone who's supported us on the journey so far. You rock!

Love Becky & Steve

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