Lovely Suzie!

Lovely Suzie!

Suzie Winsor Studio was founded in 2017 by illustrator and designer Suzie Winsor. Over the last 15 years, Suzie has worked within the design industry, starting with arts based subjects in her education and degree, then moving to London to gain experience in the industry. The studio combines cheerful colours, playful characters and prints to make beautiful products which bring together a feeling of fun, simplicity and joyful energy in the day-to-day.

the look

Suzie’s bright, graphic illustrations and use of colour often bring a retro looking feel to her collections. Her bold use of colour palette makes her designs immediately recognisable. Her love of making friends birthday cards from a young age, enjoying making pop up cards with her mum at the kitchen table was where the passion for cards began. A love of surface print design, beautifully paper and stationery, planted the seed from an early age that Suzie would like her own studio, bringing these designs to the market.

about suzie

Suzie is an illustrator, designer and also works as a freelance florist. This combined experience inspired and influenced her brand, having a sensitive eye for colour, shape and line. She lives and works in the North East of England.

the vision

The studio has been running for 4 years, with plans to expand further into the homeware and indie fashion market. The focus shall always be on well made, small batch runs where reducing wastage and using all recyclable packaging, eco printing techniques that are kinder on the planet. Suzie aims to bring a bit of fun, light and positivity to the everyday in her designs.

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