Lizzie And Her Yoga Mats

Lizzie And Her Yoga Mats

Hey, I’m Lizzie. Yoga has been in my life for the last decade since 2012, and it has guided me through a few challenging periods within that time. I come to my mat to check in with myself physically, mentally and emotionally. when I connect to my body and breath, yoga has the power to lessen the weight attached to my thoughts which is not something I have found anywhere else. I teach yoga because I want others to experience the same transformation I have experienced during my 20’s. As well as yoga, I love photography, scenic art direction and all things home interior, so my mission was to create a fusion of all these things.

I work with artists and designers that are inspired by movement, mindfulness, nature and shapes. It’s a wonderful way to connect with other creatives and generate new opportunities to showcase their talent in a new medium.

Emily Day - Monstera Earth, Bird of Paradise, Tree Ring rugs

Simeron Kaler - Mindful Movement yoga prints

Lois O’hara - Sun Moon rug

Marcello Velho - Wild Cat and Flower Power rug

Yael Ravenna Savannah mat

Marina Castaldo - Fields mat

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