It's Ian!

It's Ian!

I am an artist, designer, and video editor based in East Sussex. I produce paintings and illustrations in various media, with an emphasis on graphic or ‘pop art’. I favour bold bright colours and often use black outlines in my work. 

I also do freelance illustration, logo design, and branding projects, and I regularly work as a video editor for a variety of digital media clients including The Beano, Cartoon Network, and many more.

My aim is to create bold, modern artworks and designs that are memorable and fun.

My inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources. I love the original pop artists from the 60s (Warhol, Lichtenstein), retro computer game graphics, animations old and new, and modern graphic design.

I sell paintings, prints, and various merchandise featuring my designs. I take commissions and am open to any new opportunities for exhibiting or selling my work. 

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