Hello to Lily

Hello to Lily

Currently, I have an open studio (Studio no.9), located at Hotwalls Studios, Old Portsmouth. Here I offer tufting gun workshops – making your own bespoke mini rugs to take home. Everyone is welcome to pop in and say hello! If you’re local or visiting Portsmouth, my studio space is open every weekend, where I will be creating my ready-to-buy pieces (mini rugs, magnets, mirrors, coasters, and frames) to put in my shop within the studio space, and designing custom orders.

My commissions to designing and producing custom rugs catered to your taste is always open. This can be anything from recreating your favourite animated character to designing personalised pet portraits. I’m happy to work with you on creating something special, bespoke to you, however I will not recreate any other artist’s work.

Many products are created using a combination of tufting guns which offers a variety of texture and depth. The use of colour is a fundamental part of my work, I particularly enjoy working with bright colours that are uplifting and insight positivity.

Each item is one of a kind. I aspire to create art that everyone can enjoy, which is why I offer pre-made collections and custom pieces.

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