Get To Know Jo aka JD WOOF

Get To Know Jo aka JD WOOF

I am an artist, coach, writer and facilitator, usually in London. I love to learn more about what’s going on beneath the surface; for me, for people I work with, in groups and culturally, ultimately so we have access to more choice.

I hold a degree in Psychology, a masters degree in Gender Studies and I’m an experienced practitioner of Nonviolent Communication; all of which inform my work. I hold a coaching qualification in Coaching for Leadership, Psychodynamic Approaches with The Tavistock Institute. I have recently completed a practitioner programme with Body Informed Leadership, which uses an embodied approach to looking at connection, identity and power.

For the past 7 years I have been involved in running RISE Beyond, a small consultant community which focuses on group dynamics and how we can support clients to have better quality conversations and work better together. I also co-founded PlayScapes, working with power, difference, inclusion and exclusion. Other influences on my work are mindfulness, improvisation and clowning. 

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