A big hello to Judy Andrews

A big hello to Judy Andrews

My Story. My Belief.

For over two decades, I've been deeply immersed in the design industry, creating wonder not just by "doing" graphic art, but by living it. My work is a vibrant scrapbook of life—colourful snippets of typography dancing with bold affirmations, reflecting my journey and lessons learned through every step.

The true breakthrough in my career came after becoming a mother in 2015. The rigor of returning to a full-time job hit harder than expected, causing my confidence to plummet to an all-time low. For a year, I juggled and struggled, striving for harmony. That's when it hit me: if the job doesn't fit, don't squeeze into it—create one that does. That realization led to the birth of Tickety Boo Creative, a design agency built on my terms, founded on the ideals of joy and flexibility.

I found solace in hope, turning little notes of positivity doodled amidst chaos into vibrant, confident art. Each piece was a step away from doubt, a step towards a life designed with intention. This is how I stitch together the past with the present, the real with the imagined—journaling with art is like breathing for me.

Now, I'm here not just to tell my story, but to fuel yours. I've packed my two decades of experience into a toolkit for transformation—for brands, for individuals, for you. Confidence isn't just a word to me; it's a mission. My mission is to plant the seed of self-belief into everyone I meet. Creativity isn't just my profession, it's my way of life, and I am committed to making it a part of how I connect with and inspire others.

 I wear many hats.

Optimist — I see the opportunity in every challenge.

Brand Strategist — Understanding to connect.

Creative Director — Imagination can take you everywhere.

Artist — Helping you live life in full colour.

Writer — I write to think. A way to connect with you.

Confidence Mentor — Turning ‘you can’t’ into ‘YOU CAN’

Proud Mum — I nurture, I guide, I love — motherhood my biggest teacher.





Shorter snippet

Judy Andrews creates wonder. She doesn't just "do" graphic art, she lives it. Her work is a scrapbook of life – colourful snippets of typography dancing with bold affirmations.


Her 20 years in design are brimming with stories, lessons, and little 'aha!' moments. Creativity is her way of life.


Judy is an effervescent optimist, and her aim is to make people feel. To see, really see. To inspire and empower. To live life in full colour.

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